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Payment Policy
The Dance Affinity reserves the right to cease providing services to customers when payment is failed to be made for products or services already received. Payment options and timelines set by The Dance Affinity are fair and generous and I hereby agree to return this respect by fulfilling all payments associated with the services and products provided to me in a timely manner.

Private lesson payment clause - Any customer who neglects to pay their term invoices in full by the completion of the term date, for more than two consecutive terms, will be unable to enrol in a private lesson until further notice.


Media Release
The Dance Affinity use photography and videos for a range of educational and promotional purposes. Media content taken in classes may be used on our social media, website or in print media for marketing and advertising purposes. Videos will be taken in classes and made available to parents of The Dance Affinity via our private studio app for the purpose of sharing choreography and class content for at-home learning. Media will only be shared to official platforms hosted by The Dance Affinity in a professional manner. I hereby give consent for my dancers image to be used in above mentioned media mediums and will contact The Dance Affinity directly if my dancers image cannot be shared in this way due to personal preferences or legal matters.


Behaviour Expectations
The Dance Affinity will not tolerate rude or inappropriate behaviour from students or parents and we expect mutual respect between students in classes too. The mental and physical health and safety of our dancers and staff is taken very seriously; any form of bullying or intimidation will be addressed immediately. Behaviour deemed by The Dance Affinity staff to be irresponsible or inappropriate may jeopardise the dancers enrolment.

Studio Values
The Dance Affinity aims to holistically improve our students emotional, social and physical welfare through experiences supported by positive, encouraging and nurturing relationships. As a member of The Dance Affinity community I adhere to conducting myself in a manner that aligns with the ethos of The Dance Affinity whilst on-site at the studio, during classes, in communication/interaction with staff and other members, as well as whilst representing the studio in the wider community including wearing my uniform in public places.


Thank you!

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