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Jazz is a high energy form of dance that combines a variety of styles including broadway, traditional and modern dance. There is a strong emphasis on energy, rhythmical accuracy & style, with classes including choreography, flexibility, technique and progressions including turns, kicks and leaps. Dancers will learn choreography to popular and age appropriate music.



Tap is a style of dance in which a dancer wears shoes fitted with heel and toe taps to make audible beats and sounds. It encourages rhythm, timing and musicality, whilst being super fun and noisy. Our students learn the Glenn Wood Tap syllabus and take part in examinations (voluntary). Tap classes at the Dance Affinity combine traditional tap moves with more modern rhythms and styles to ensure classes are super fun and exciting.



Ballet is a disciplined, yet beautiful genre of dancing, which underpins all styles of dance and movement. In these classes, students learn ballet movements and progressions that promote coordination, muscle engagement, strength, flexibility, posture and grace. In 2023, the Dance Affinity will follow the ‘Australian Conservatoire of Ballet’ syllabus and undertake examinations (voluntary) in their weekly classes.



Contemporary blends several types of dance into its own unique style, with elements of ballet, jazz and lyrical combined to create an abstract form of dance that often encompasses storytelling and motifs. These classes are for dancers who like creative challenges, connecting dance to other mediums, and physical challenges that require persistence and practice. Exercises focus on increasing flexibility and strength, total body connectivity, and creative problem solving.



Hip Hop is the pinnacle of self-expression, where emphasis is less on formal technique and more on personal style. It is fast-paced and high-energy and is focussed on style exploration (popping, locking, waving, gliding, etc.). Classes use popular songs and fun exercises, including progressions and freestyle opportunities, so that dancers can develop their hip hop style and groove.



All Star Cheerleading is a super athletic and high energy class that combines stunting, tumbling, jumps, dance and pyramids set to energetic music. Students in this class not only learn awesome new skills, but learn respect, dedication, self-confidence, commitment, sportsmanship and most importantly, teamwork. Due to the team nature of this class and the stunting element within it, we require students to attend classes every week, where possible.



Tumbling classes are where our students learn to safely flip and trick. The classes range from Beginner to Advanced levels, with activities including tumbling specific warm ups, drills. conditioning and skills practice. These classes are perfect for any of our dancers who want to set themselves apart and for our cheerleaders who want to incorporate harder tricks into their routines. Classes are graded by our staff, so that students are placed in a class that is suitable for their ability, with students taught the following skills in each level:

  • Beginner - forward rolls, backwards rolls and body positioning/awareness

  • Level 1 - handstands and cartwheels

  • Level 2 - round offs, front walkovers and back walkovers

  • Level 3 - front and back handsprings, back tucks and working towards aerial skills such as baranis & front aerials



Pom is a visual, precise form of dance and cheerleading that incorporates dance steps, pom motions and technical work (such as jumps, leaps and kicks) whilst holding pom poms. There are lots of elements involved, including super precise motions (arm lines), formation changes and dynamic and explosive energy so that routines look sharp and strong. We focus on Pom routines in the second half of the year, for performance at our End of Year Concert.



In Musical Theatre, the three great performing arts of singing, dancing and acting combine to create one vibrant performance experience. In each class, students learn dance movements and choreographed sequences to musical theatre songs, explore characters and learn about musical theatre shows to develop their repertoire and appreciation for all things Musical Theatre. Our staff are known throughout the Illawarra for being leaders in this genre and are excited to pass on their skills and knowledge to develop students' skills and stagecraft.
*This class is a 'dance' class - no singing is require3d but if students have singing abilities teachers may incorporate vocal lines or featured singing roles into concert routines



Drama at The Dance Affinity is all about learning the art of acting through script work, improvisation and character development. Students explore elements of theatre, script writing, sustaining character and building confidence weekly, culminating in group performances and individual monologues for the End of Year Theatrical Showcase. Our drama students are also treated to excursions to local theatre performances.



Our singing lessons are a popular way to find and develop your singing voice, learning important techniques such as correct breathing, vocal technique and tone. Singing classes are offered in private lesson format only and are the perfect way to work on your singing to songs you love chosen in collaboration with your teacher.



Adult classes at The Dance Affinity are by far one of the most popular classes we offer! Whether you’ve danced before or wish you had of, these classes are perfect for those of you wishing to learn some new dance skills, dust off the old tap shoes or keep some activity in your life. No previous skill level or commitment required; pay as you go. Adult classes available in 2023 include Adult Tap and Adult Choir. The Adult Tap routine is always a highlight of the End of Year Concert!



Danced throughout your life and wanting to keep involved? The Ex-Dancer class is the perfect choice for those intermediate to advanced dancers who want a weekly class without the commitment. We offer classes in Jazz, Contemporary, Tap & Hip Hop. 



Singing for the Soul; our Adult Choir is a hit amongst our parents and adult students! Working in a small group, the Adult Choir works to develop correct breathing, body awareness and confidence whilst learning how to harmonise and sing with a group of people. Suitable for those who love to sing, have never learned to sing or want to keep singing in their lives.



Are you a singer or actor who needs some help with movement to make you into a more well-rounded and triple threat performer? Our Dance Development class is aimed at just that; developing your comfort in performing simple dance sequences in jazz and tap so that you can become the best performer you can. This class is best suited for beginners and intermediate movers, or anyone who loves musical theatre.


At The Dance Affinity we offer private lessons to anyone who wishes to train in a 1-on-1 setting. In a private lesson you can choose to work on anything you wish - this may be technique, choreography, exam work or learning routines to perform in solo competitions.

Semi-privates are the same; they are a more personalised training style that you can shared with up to 3 friends. A more affordable option than a private lesson or for anyone wishing to work on a duo or trio routine for competitions.


Invitation Only Classes


Do you want to wear pointe shoes one day? This is the first step! 

Pre-Pointe trains our dancers in preparation for going en pointe; working on foot articulation, ankle strength and muscle control in order to gain the necessary strength and technique to go en pointe in the future. This class is for dancers 12 & older who have been taking ballet. Class involvement is by invitation only, based on readiness for the class and is at the discretion of Teagan & the DA Ballet Team.



Pointe is a beautiful and graceful style of dance, targeted at those ballerinas with an advanced level of skill and control in the genre of ballet. Students wear pointe shoes, completing ballet movements and progressions on their block (on the tips of their toes). Participation in this class is by invitation only, once students have been assessed as having the required skills and strength to go en pointe.


Competition Stream


Our Performance Teams are our competitive teams, learning routines to perform at local eisteddfods throughout the Illawarra. The Performance Team season commences in Term 3, through to June the following year and team members are required to demonstrate a certain standard of skills and ability in dance to be a part of the team. Interested in joining? Email the team today to get involved.

Participation in this stream is by invitation. 



Our Drama Performance Team is for those students who wish to push their skills in drama and develop their capacity and confidence in performing in front of audiences and judges. The team works toward both the group piece and improvisation sections at the Wollongong Eisteddfod (June) and then develops small group or individual monologue performances for our End of Year Theatrical Showcase.



The Competition Cheer team is a new team in 2023, as part of the All Star Stream at the Dance Affinity. This team works towards competing at All Star Cheer competitions at a State and National level. Routines are structured around incorporating a specific list of skills, including tumbling, jumping, dance, stunting and pyramids and are super athletic in nature.

Participation in this team is by audition only.



Performance (+) is the Dance Affinity’s elite competition program, working towards competing at a State & National level in the All Star World of dance. Team members work at a highly focussed and fast pace level to develop routines that are of the highest standard and meet the intricate scorecard of All Star dance. In 2022, this team received a bid for and competed at the Dance Worlds in Orlando, Florida.

Participation in this stream is by audition only.

Style Preview Videos




Fast, Energetic & Strong



Creative, Free & Organic



Theatrical & Creative



Singing for the soul

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Movement, Music & Play



Stamps, Shuffles & Sounds



Exciting & Expressive



Stretch & Technique



Competition Dance



Introduction to dance



Soft, Focus & Poised



Upside-Down & Inside-Out



Strength & Prep for Pointe



Elite Competition Dance



Beginner Jazz & Tap



Grooves, Fun & Funky

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Teamwork & fun, in one!



Elite Ballet on Tip Toes



Individual Training

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