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In 2024, any student interested in student teaching will be required to email their expression of interest to Teagan. Like any job, students need to learn the process that occurs and prepare an application that shows us they are highly committed to the opportunity. Students from 13 years of age can submit an expression of interest by:


Don't have a resume?
What a great opportunity to be forced to make one! There are many examples on the web, but here is a copy of Teagan's that you can follow as a guide and use as a template.

*Note: This is a sample resume specific for Performing Arts auditions. It is similarly structured to a job resume and will be accepted.


Student teaching positions will be selected by Teagan and classes allocated based on suitability of the candidate and class availability. These positions require commitment, dedication and willingness to learn the art of teaching.

Dancers wishing to be considered for a student teaching role will be expected to:

  • Be groomed immaculately in attempt to set a positive example to students

  • Uphold The Dance Affinity’s core values of being committed to learning with a positive persona

  • Display traits of commitment and maturity in their approach to their own dance classes and learning - including attendance, time management and continued development of dance skills

  • Participate in additional teacher learning through participation in teacher training days (2 per year) and workbook activities (completed at training days and at home)

Successful candidates will be expected to demonstrate the following in their role:

  • Show initiative and active involvement in the classroom

  • Be confident when interacting with students in the classroom

  • Develop an understanding of The Dance Affinity’s teaching approach and communication standards

  • Collaborate with the classroom teacher to develop a respectful relationship to learn from their teaching style


Please consider all of the above before submitting an application.

roles & responsibilities

We have two different levels of student teachers:

  • Assistant Teachers - those who help in the classroom with tasks such as: roll marking, changing dancer's shoes, counting dancers in down the corner, taking dancers to the bathroom, classroom administration, and any other assistance the classroom teacher may need. Must be able to demonstrate care and interest for the students, a big passion for dance, and elements of leadership.

  • JUNIOR Teachers - someone who works closely with the main teacher and takes on a level of responsibility that sees them engaging in tasks including: calling dancers into the classroom, providing corrections and positive feedback, observing behaviour and social interactions of dancers, leading the warm up and choreographing parts of routines as instructed by the main teacher. Teachers in this position are expected to display exemplary work ethic and dedication to dance and uphold the values of The Dance Affinity in their role modelling for students. *This is a paid role. Candidates wishing to be considered for this position must have completed 3 years of experience as a student teacher (or a role of a similar nature elsewhere). Must have a passion for both dance and teaching and not be enticed only by the concept of being paid.

I'm interested!


Send Teagan an email with your resume attached and the following outlined -

(1) What makes you interested in the role of a student teacher

(2) The great skills you posses that you'd bring to the position

(3) What you feel are the most important things to making a great teacher

...oh, and don't forget to mention what days and times you'd be available to teach

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