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See the lists below to find out what Performance Team your dancer is in and what song they dance to!
Find below a list of all dancers who have elected to participate in a Moondance solo and/or duo.
Is your dancer keen to practice at home? Find below a folder of all Dance Affinity Performance Team music tracks for 2021.
*Note: Music tracks are licensed to The Dance Affinity. Sharing or reproducing these tracks breeches copyright regulations.
Check the form above to find out what age group you are in, then download your solo and/or duo music below to practice at home!


  • May 23 or 24 (Term 2 Week 5) - Moondance @ Berkeley Sports Stadium *All troupes

  • June 26 or 27 (Term 2 Week 10) - EBSDN @ Berkeley Sports Stadium *Some troupes only (potentially 6u, 8u and 12u only)

  • July 10 or 11 (July Holidays Week 2) - Wollongong Eisteddfod @ IPAC *All troupes

  • July 24 (Term 3 Week 2) - The Dance Affinity's mid-year Concert @ Berkeley Sports Stadium (venue TBC) *All troupes

  • October 16 or 17 (Term 4 Week 2) - EBSDN Finals @ Berkeley Sports Stadium *Some troupes only (potentially 6u, 8u and 12u only)


Please find links to emails sent with Performance Team information​


A group of students of The Dance Affinity who work towards perfecting routines to perform at local eisteddfods and competitions throughout the year.

Weekly class requirements

  • Performance Class

  • Technique Class

NOTE: As a further development, we highly encourage students to take part in a ballet class to create a solid grounding and foundation for all their dance work. Ballet can be thought of like vegetables – for some people they’re not the most ‘enjoyable’ foods to eat, but they play a vital role in our overall health. Ballet is much the same. Our jazz and contemporary classes are also highly beneficial in developing the students own personal dance style, and tumbling and fitness can be great for developing key skills required for performance.

At The Dance Affinity we recognise that not all students enjoy every style of dance therefore we will not force students to participate in a class they have no interest in. For this reason we do not make any class beyond technique compulsory – we leave that decision up to the individual dancer! Studies show that learning is most beneficial when students have a positive association with the subject. A student is more inclined to fully apply themself to the learning process if they enjoy what they are studying, therefore are more likely to improve in that area. We have provided you with our thoughts on what would be most beneficial to your dancers technique, now we give them the responsibility of decision making (a skill needed in every day life that we strive to teach our students to become good at).

2021 Performance Team Costs

$100 participation fee to cover all eisteddfod participation costs for the year

Uniform & costume requirements for competitions
  • The Dance Affinity Marble Uniform Jacket

  • The Dance Affinity T-Shirt

  • Black jazz shoes

  • Costume per routine (no more than $100 per costume)

2021 Competition Dates
  • TBC 4 x local Wollongong competitions


What happens if I can’t make a performance? We expect students to be available for all performances but understand if there are extreme circumstances where an event may prevent them from performing eg. sickness, formal event, family holiday. Each time students are absent for a performance the team will rearrange positions to ensure the routine is still visually presentable. The student absent will then be reallocated their position for the next eisteddfod. We realise that senior students may have a part-time job they work on a weekend however a work shift will not be a reasonable excuse to miss an eisteddfod. By committing to a Performance Team, you are committing to exactly that, a team, and we expect you to uphold and respect your position as a team member when making these decisions.


Which Performance Team would I be in? Students will be allocated into their age group. Participation in performance teams will be by self-nomination and ability to commit to all requirements. If we feel a student is not yet at an ability to competently compete in a Performance Team, The Dance Affinity reserves the right to hold the performer from competing at eisteddfods until they have reached a suitable technical ability. In this case, it may be recommended that a student participates in an additional weekly class to improve their technique and ability in a particular genre to ensure they are taking action towards meeting the team’s entry level. This is done to ensure the student does not stand out on stage for the wrong reasons.  


Can I be involved in more than one performance team age group? Yes, you sure can! Being involved in more than one group will mean extra routines, an extra weekly class and additional costume purchases, but double the FUN and performance opportunities. It gives students the chance to work with the older age group in a more challenging environment with more difficult choreography and a more mature demographic of students. We find these are a fantastic way for dedicated students to accelerate their growth and feed their passion for dance.

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