Jazz is a high energy, fun and engaging class and is great for fitness and general coordination. A typical jazz dance class consists of a cardio warm up, stretching, technique exercises, skills development and choreography. Jazz is great for a beginner dancer to ignite their love for dance and movement in general.


This is primarily a dance class but goes beyond just dancing and educates students on the theatre world. Each week will focus on a different Broadway musical providing students with an overview on the shows plot before learning a theatre jazz routine to one of the songs from the production.


Contemporary dance allows the body to explore natural movement flows in an organic and experimental nature. It connects the mind and body through fluid dance movements and is driven by emotion to portray a message or intent.​Learn to improvise to create your own movement and learn choreopgraphy.


Learn the basics of cheerleader stunting and acrobatics. Our qualified staff will train you in a development based class structure to ensure your utmost safety when executing these difficult skills. Gain confidence in the basics such as cartwheels and walkovers or go beyond and work towards aerials. 


Classes offered in our preschool program introduce students to the fundamentals of dance and group learning. Each class uses props and interactive teaching resources to engage students whilst enhancing their dance skills and general coordination. This is the perfect first dance class witha  focus on jazz and ballet.


Are you a singer or actor who wants to improve their dance skills for a future in Musical Theatre? If you're hoping to broaden your chances at auditions and enhance the variety of roles you can be considered for then this class is definitely for you! Back by popular demand for students 10 - 14 years! 


Ballet training is one of the key contributors to a dancers overall technique. With a focus on turn out, control, and alignment, ballet is an essential class to take to develop the fundamentals of dance. This elegant style of dance instills grace, poise and attention to detail.


This class is the perfect combination of jazz, fitness and fun! With pom poms and all, the class will cover high intensity cardio fitness activities to improve stamina, cheerleading style jumps to enhance elevation and strength and exciting pom dance choreography that challenges the brain and skills.


Ever wanted to gain confidence in everyday skills such as public speaking? Drama is the class for you! In this fun, interactive class you will develop communication skills, interpersonal skills as well as learning stage skills. From script writing to accent learning our drama classes are suitable for all ages.


Technique development classes are dedicated to improving skills that enhance your overall dance abilities. If you want to develop your strength, flexibility and stamina as well as improve skills such as turns, kicks, jumps, leaps, splits and those 'fancy things' then this class is for you!


The perfect way to keep the brain and body active. All abilities welcome!

Come as you go commitment with pay as you go or 10 x class pass options.

Adults Classes - Tap & Ballet

For the beginner to intermediate looking to learn a new skill 

Ex-dancer Classes - Jazz, Tap, Lyrical

For the experienced dancer looking to keep dance in their life!


Tap is a percussion type dance style characterised by rhythm and syncopation of beats. These sounds are made by the individual wearing with metal plates on the soles at both the toe and heel.  The Dance Affinity teaches Australia's most taught tap syllabus Glenn Wood Tap


Developed on the streets of New York City in the 1960s, hip hop as a dance genre has numerous different styles within it, including breaking, popping and locking.  Classes at The Dance Affinity explore the characteristics of hip hop technique and choreography to develop students own style and groove.


Learn the tools behind using your voice correctly to develop your singing abilities. In this class you will be taught the basics of music including breathing, reading sheet music, notes, harmonies and much more to broaden your singing technique. Build your triple-threat abilities as a performer here!


The Dance Affinity Performance Teams are groups of students who have a passion for dance and performing. Throughout the year, students learn routines which they perform at dance competitions and community events, providing them with multiple performance opportunities.


For those wanting to work at their own pace on a more personal student-teacher level with 100% focus. In a private lesson dancers can work with their teacher on anything they wish to achieve their personal goals. Private classes can be taken for general skills development or for elite students they can work on routines to perform at solo competitions. Spaced limited!


Find your age group then download our timetable to see all the classes on offer for you!

Find your class group then choose your classes:

  • Pre-Junior          2 - 5 years / Preschool

  • Junior                 4 - 6 years / Preschool - Kindergarten

  • Pre-Teen            7 - 9 years / Year 1 - 3

  • Teen                   10 - 12 years / Year 4 - 6

  • Pre-Senior         13 - 15 years / Year 7 - 9

  • Senior                16 - 18 years + / Year 10 - 12

  • Adult                  18 years +

  • Ex-dancer          18 years +


30min group classes         $10.50

45min group classes         $12.50

60min group classes         $14.50

90min group classes         $21.00

30min private class           $32.00

45min private class           $45.00

60min private class           $55.00

30min duo class                $16.00

Class payments can be made weekly, fortnightly or by the term. We offer a multiple class appreciation bonus off all term invoices that are paid in full and on time. See Appreciation Bonus table for details. 

Payment options include cash, eftpos or direct deposit.

The Dance Affinity does not charge an enrolment fee

Appreciation Bonus





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2 - 4 classes per week

5% discount

5 - 7 classes per week

10% discount

8 - 10 classes per week

15% discount

11 - 13 classes per week

20% discount

14+ classes per week

20% discount & unlimited*

See our Studio Handbook for further information about class promotions and appreciation bonus.



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